It takes team work to make
a dream work.
If your dream is to make a business that makes a difference for you,
your family, and your clients...
then we need to talk.
You're reading this because you want a website that works for you and your business better than what you have right now.

You need someone who not only understands the technical side of website building, but also the selling part.

Linda Reid, founder of Magnetic Websites, has an extensive background in sales and marketing and actually owned and ran her own newspapers in a previous career.
Contact Linda today and have a chat.
No stress, no worries.

I've given prices because I know, like me, you probably hate having no idea of costs and are worried about being ripped off.

I want you to be in control and to feel comfortable during the entire process.

Things that might costs extra are
   supplying photographs
   extra email addresses
   excessive changes
This is an example of a single page website
A single page website like this could be created for around $350 and $250 per annum for hosting and domain name registration.

Visit these websites to get an idea of what we can do for you.
This is an example of a multi- page website - most websites are built with multiple pages like this.
Happiness House is a venue for healers to practice from. They offer spiritual and other forms of healing and therapy. A site like this costs around $650 plus $250 per aunnum for hosting and domain registration.

This is an example of a squeeze page
- a page designed to get a specific response
- often via a give-away information product.
This squeeze page is kinda unique and captures the imagination. I wanted the viewer of the webpage to feel as if they are sneeking a peek at someone's notebook.

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