It takes team work to make
a dream work.
If your dream is to make a business that makes a difference for you,
your family, and your clients...
then we need to talk.
You're reading this because you want a website that works for you and your business better than what you have right now.

You need someone who not only understands the technical side of website building, but also the selling part.

Linda Reid, founder of Magnetic Websites, has an extensive background in sales and marketing and actually owned and ran her own newspapers in a previous career.
Everything Linda learned about print media has been built upon for electronic media.

Every website Linda builds is easy to navigate. It's easy to read. And it talks to the prospect as an equal. 

From a simple, single page website to a complex multi page site with automated booking system and payment options... Linda can make a cost effective website that won't break your bank or your heart.
Contact Linda today and have a chat.
No stress, no worries.